Northside Soccer League


Team Manager Role

Player Management • Verify and maintain roster with player name, birth year, and parent/guardian contact information • Obtain player sizes for uniforms and issue to them • Make sure all players have proper attire for game and practices, shin guards and soccer ball  

Communications • Serve as the central source for the league and the coach to the parents/guardians • Make sure your team has a copy of the schedule • Remind your team weekly of the game time and field number of that week’s game • Make sure everyone has the website ( • If it happens to be raining the morning of a game day, make sure you check the website under “Field Status” to see if the fields are open or closed for that day’s game.

Coach Support • Communicate with your coach weekly to see if there is anything he/she may want you to pass down to the team • Game day – ensure parents/guardians are on the same side as the team but on the other half  • If you have any unresolvable problems, please tell your coach, and notify Mr. Blount